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Exchange Rate Upload for E1

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The Challenge

If you use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in an international multi-currency environment you are very much in need of currency exchange rates or exchange rate uploads to convert foreign currency transactions to the base currency of your organization. Examples include supplier invoices and payments, customer invoices and receipts, purchase orders and sales orders.

You are likely facing regular manual exchange rate entries through the standard JDE screen sometimes for 20+ currencies and/or from one or more sources. Sometimes there could be even a definite specific requirement for the source of rates for each currency pair.
Maybe currency pairs need to be created via a triangulation calculation from combinations of the various sources, and some even via triangulation from other triangulated rates.

The manual entry through the JD Edwards screen can become time consuming, even if you only need a relatively small number of currencies.
As with any manual process, mistakes occur which can have a major impact on your business:

Sample 1) If rates are not entered on a particular day, then foreign currency transactions cannot be entered for that day.

Sample 2) If a rate in entered incorrectly or “the wrong-way”, the impact on your account balances may not be noticed for weeks but can be significant.

 Ideally, all this needs to be automated, with zero user intervention.


How it works

The Exchange Rate Upload solution is based on a simple, cloud-based configuration and exception notifications.
It pulls market and official FX rates from trusted authentic sources resulting in a 100% automated availability of the latest exchange rates.

The Cloud Service of this E1 add-on allows the flexibility needed to get rates for different currency pairs from different sources. Importantly, the triangulate stages can be set up to calculate cross-rates for specific sets of currencies, from a particular pivot currency.

FX rates can be sourced from OANDA, Xignite, Reuters and over 16 central banks, including the ability to mix and match.
The service is configured according to your preferences for schedule, currencies, cross-rates and rounding and a combination of daily updates and monthly updates can be set-up as well.

The service then downloads the rates from the various source overnight, so the latest rates are available whenever they are needed. Users are notified in the event of any issues, but otherwise the process runs silently in the background.

100% automation is provided.


JD Edwards integration

The solution runs on Oracle Cloud allowing customers to configure the currencies, timing, sources and other options for their FX rates.
Once configured, the solution runs on your chosen schedule to retrieve the rates, process them according to your options and save in JDE format.
A simple UBE on the JDE side then pulls the rates in and passes them through the interface.




Additional information

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Review of Exchange Rate Upload for E1
  • Avoids mistakes when entering rates manually
  • Rates always up to date from a trusted source
  • Removes the manual effort of entering rates
  • Flexible dates for load
  • No user intervention
  • Bid, Ask or Mid-point available for market rates
  • Runs on your chosen schedule and frequency
  • Flexible rounding options
  • Market and central bank rates
  • Email notifications for exceptions
  • Multiple sources available
  • Optionally triangulate to create cross rates
  • Automated retry in the event of errors
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