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Key features

  • Implement Group Level Security and manage all variations
  • Build rules to identify areas of risk within your business and report on who has, or can, breach them
  • Interactive screens to review all profiles in your system
  • Enables users to be allocated to more than one group
  • Create and manage Business Unit Security Groups
  • Create and manage Functional Security Groups
  • Create and manage Group Based Menus. Enables drill-downs to the underlying profile and security settings
  • Enables creation of new profiles by copying from existing profiles – in seconds

More benefits

  • Apply “Deny ALL” security for action code security in just one day
  • Easy to implement a simple change control procedures
  • Manage application and action security in one place
  • Focus on the real issues: identifying and removing areas where you are exposed to risk
  • Focus on the programs a user can access, their action code authority, and build your security from there
  • Sold in modules, so you only have to get what you really need

The challenge

World security is notoriously difficult to implement effectively and in a way you can prove to your (internal or external) auditors that you are in control. To do so, you need a thorough understanding of the limitations of Business Unit, Action Code and Function Key security and of Menu Masking. So, as a JD Edwards World user you might have come across a few challenges when managing your security in your JD Edwards system. Within the standard JDE World security it seems almost impossible to achieve an “All Doors Closed” or “Deny All” Security, which is recommended by all consultancies, auditors and JD Edwards themselves.

Implementing “Deny All” or “All Doors Closed” security is not technically possible using standard JD Edwards. Action Code security (even in the latest 9.3 version) only allows you to lock-down interactive programs. Furthermore, it does not work for batch programs or for versions.


How it works

This Security solution presented here is specifically designed to provide a 100% effective lock of all interactive programs, batch programs, Worldwriters, FASTR reports etc. And you have the option to lock specific versions since version level security is essential when controlling programs such as Order Processing as some versions will be critical and others not.

With this add-on you can achieve SOX compliance in 4 easy steps

  1. Discovery
  2. Lock the system
  3. Report (Base Compliance Report, Segregation of Duties rules and reports)
  4. Resolve potential issues with this software – so you can easily sign-off with no outstanding issues


The JDE Worldsoftware add-on solution is sold in modules, so you only have to get what you really need.

Areas covered per module:

  • Control of critical process lists, SoD rules set up, reporting and security management.
  • Manage functional and business unit Security Groups. Link users to multiple groups.
  • Enable copy, change and delete profiles “in one click”.


Additional information

Apps from release: World A7.3
Tools from release: N/A
Free trial (Y/N): Y
OVI (Y/N): N


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