Payment Automation (Real Estate)

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Key features

  • Security tied to leases and properties
  • Real-time view of open invoice line items
  • Immediate or recurring payments
  • Unapplied cash payments
  • View payment history
  • Optional monthly sales entry (Retail)
  • ACH and credit card processing
  • Matches payment to JDE line items
  • Clears the open AR in JDE
  • Creates the JDE AR batches
  • Multi-company enabled
  • Email alerts and portal messaging
  • AR dispute functionality
  • Direct to bank ACH/EFT processing (no 3rd party accounts)

More benefits

  • Reduce AR processing costs
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Automate the JDE back-end financial processes
  • Improve the Tenant Experience
  • Secure PCI Validated Processing
  • Seamless JD Edwards Integration

The challenge

Does this sound familiar for your business: The traditional system of paper checks and lock boxes can be slow, error-prone and expensive. Next to that data breaches not only result in fines, but also more significant, lost customers. Your a JD Edwards customer and you are in need of a seamless process from JDE transaction origination to the funds being deposited in your merchant account?

Then this Payment processing solution, specifically designed for JD Edwards Real Estates customers will bring you many benefits!


How it works

Reduce costs – The software solution allows your tenants to access their monthly statements online and pay with ACH and/or credit cards, greatly reducing your AR processing costs. Tenants select the line items to pay and the software does the matching and clears the open AR in JD Edwards. Your number of lock boxes and related charges are minimized. In addition, with BluePay’s Direct-to-Bank ACH processing, your funds typically get deposited within 24 hours!


Increase Security – The Payment Processing solution is validated to the highest PCI security standards. All customer card and bank data it is tokenized, and stored offsite by BluePay. It further reduces your PCI compliance scope by preventing card and bank account data from ever touching JD Edwards.


Streamline Processes – The software creates a seamless process from JDE transaction origination to the funds being deposited in your merchant account. When your tenants make a payment, it clears the open AR of the selected line items, creates the JDE AR batches and routes the funds to the proper bank account for the property. The Auto-Pay feature further streamlines payments by automatically charging charging your tenant’s ACH account or credit card every month. It can remove most of your AR department’s manual tasks surrounding rent collection!


JD Edwards integration

Tenant user ID’s are tied to the JDE address book and lease records. When tenants sign in to the portal they get a real-time view of all open AR (CAM, rent, etc) that you choose to show them. When line items are selected for payment they are matched 100% in JDE, the open AR is closed and the AR batches are created. The sales reporting directly updates the sales report control file. This solution is certified with Oracle Validated Integration (OVI).


Additional information

Apps from release: N/A
Tools from release: N/A
Free trial (Y/N): N/A
OVI (Y/N): Y



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