iSeries Database Auditing

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Key features

  • Strong and configurable details audit trail
  • Single, encrypted database repository
  • Compliance reporting for management signoff
  • Near Real-Time
  • Control the volume of data recorded
  • Auto-purge your archive

More benefits

  • Less helpdesk calls for “lost” data
  • Insight in users having bypassed the application level controls
  • Insight in what tools have been used for the breach
  • Insight in what changes have been made to selected critical files
  • Get to the true cause of issues and train people to avoid them

The challenge

Without a database auditing & control system in place, you might realize that your IBM iSeries systems are vulnerable to abuse vulnerable to abuse, albeit sometimes inadvertently.

Then there always is the issue of the person(-s) monitoring database activity having ‘the keys to the kingdom’. And at the same time your auditors require evidence that nobody, including the database administrator, could modify or edit data and audit trail reports. By encrypting the data during the reporting process, TRACE was chosen as the perfect solution for both internal and external audits.

Likely you are looking for a solution that enables you to prove and verify that you have strong internal controls over your Database Management systems.


How it works

Just imagine keeping a 365-day running archive for all purposes! It is just perfect for closing the last gap on many Risk Remediation Projects.


  • A secure archive through a single, encrypted, database repository that collects access data – eliminates the complexity of collecting, inquiring and reporting data and the risk of manipulation of the presented data.
  • Analytics and detailed reporting providing complete visibility of unauthorized database updates, and can immediately investigate if anything unexpected is reported. It solves a lot of mysteries, particularly when data has been deleted – it shows who did what.
  • Compliance Reporting for management sign-off puts responsibility where it belongs; make management responsible for user activity and database changes.
  • Implement SoD Mitigating Controls for users who have to be in breach of SoD rules because of business imperatives.
  • Auditor Independence – no need to rely on support from the same IT people that you might be auditing.
  • Low impact on system performance – even when it runs over 5,000 files. The data is extracted from the journals every day using this tools’ intelligent filters and stores it in a single, encrypted file.


Additional information

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