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Key features

  • Follow the flow of a session and find BSFN errors/warnings.
  • Paste business function parameters to the clipboard for use with JDE Object Browser
  • Dynamically control trace status (jdedebug.log) for any process
  • Truncate jdedebug.log files with one click
  • Delete global tables, dddict and ddtext spec files
  • Date conversion tool
  • SQL Analysis Pane shows the activity on all referenced tables
  • Cache Analysis Pane shows all cache activity
  • BSFN Analysis Pane shows each function reference with time statistics
  • Includes support for JAS debug files
  • Details show the execution time of a BSFN or SQL statement
  • Long Tasks pane lists BSFN calls or SQL statements with a long execution time
  • Errors/Warnings pane lists instances of BFSN warning/errors and GBR Errors
  • Find performance issues with the Timing Gaps Task pane
  • Enhanced Timing Gaps with export feature
  • JDECache browser within the cache details pane

More benefits

  • Business Function testing
  • Data Browser for tables and business views
  • Check core program modifications

The challenge

With all this data sitting in your JD Edwards log, it’s sometimes hard to find the bug. You can now limit the BSFN warnings and increase your work efficiency with this unique bug tracking software specially developed for JD Edward EnterpriseOne. And the best news is: it’s free of charge!


How it works

Bugtracker for JD Edwards JDE Trace is a debug log tracing utility for JD Edwards XE through E9.2. Use this to analyze SQL, ER events and BSFN calls in a jdedebug.log. The data is broken out by process/thread and displayed in a tree control.jump to software specifications.

Dynamically control you trace status for any process and cut short JD Edwards debug files with only one click. The FREE downloadable bugtracker allows you to delete global tables, dddict and ddtext spec files and you can even find performance issues with the Timing Gaps Task pane.


JD Edwards integration

This software has been developed as an extra service to the Oracle JD Edwards field, helping companies implement JD Edwards/Oracle ERP systems and is written in C++/MFC using MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/2015.

The free downloadable add-ons are constantly updated, so make sure to check back once in a while on new features.



Additional information

Apps from release: XE
Tools from release: N/A
Free trial (Y/N): Y
OVI (Y/N): N


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