Key features

  • Validates Global Postal Data
  • Validates Email Addresses
  • Provides GeoCoding Information
  • Provides Unique Industry-Driven Data Solutions
  • Provides Demographic Data
  • Assists in De-Duplicating Lists; Establishes Parent-Child Relationships
  • Provides Social Media Handles

More benefits

  • Reduces Costs Associated with Bad Data
  • Increases Data Integrity
  • Optimizes Staff Efficiency
  • Saves Data Entry Time
  • Enforces Data Standards
  • Reduces Lost Opportunities
  • Enables Better Business and Marketing Strategies


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Review of CLEAN_Data

The Challenge

The CLEAN_Data solution corrects, enhances, and updates missing or inaccurate data in JD Edwards. Organizations rely on accurate data in order to make critical business decisions, develop marketing strategies, and to communicate effectively. CLEAN_Data is a very effective solution to combat the issues surrounding the costs associated with bad data to enable organizations to control the quality of their contact profiles and not lose opportunities because of missing, incorrect, or duplicate data.


How it works

Using different approaches associated with best business practices as it applies to dealing with enterprise data integrity, CLEAN_Data will correct and update information in both real-time and in batch processing to empower an organization to have the latest and up-to-date information of its contacts.


With a seamless integration directly in JD Edwards the organization can feel confident that contact data going into the Address Book will be validated, corrected, and formatted automatically. Regardless if it’s existing contact data or data coming through the EDI, the CLEAN_Data solution will format and validate the information automatically.


JD Edwards integration

CLEAN_Data’s solutions integrate in real-time as well as in batch without impacting the core functionality of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne suite. The seamless integration was accomplished using the recommended technical approach for JD Edwards customization.


This includes:

  • Custom C++ function
  • Custom Java business service to support JAX-ES and JAX-RPC protocols
  • Coding to enable communication with business service methods
  • Value object classes to manage data interchange between the application and web service



Additional information

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Our team

We make it our business to advise and guide our customers through every step of the search process, mapping out your needs and matching them to the right software solution. Reach out and we will provide an answer. Our team is here to assist you.

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  • Skype: Deena.Gribben
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