Approval Automation

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Key features

  • You can use this JD Edwards add-on solution in disconnected mode, being assured that it will keep JD Edwards fully synchronized once in range of a wireless network or mobile signal.
  • Ensures that the email received is authenticated against the sender.
  • A full audit trail is provided.
  • You can password protect approvals.
  • Email attachments can be added to the approval email, aiding the ‘approve or reject’ decision making process.
  • Supports group approvals.
  • Loves multiple email addresses for a user and multiple languages.

More benefits

  • Easy install
  • Delivered as ASU
  • No installation or configuration on mobile device
  • Designed to be lightning fast with data transfer compression
  • There is no need to sign in to JD Edwards
  • Streamlines existing approval processes
  • Compliant to all audit requirements

The challenge

As part of your daily approval processes there are quite a few ‘superfluous’ manual steps to be taken within your JD Edwards software. If you have to deal with recording, confirming and approving invoices and orders on a daily basis, you are probably familiar with printed documents which stay at people’s desks for unknown reasons, missing paperwork, delayed processes causing business risks (i.e. deliveries not on time) and many other duplicate steps in these processes. Getting a headache by only reading this intro? Then please read why JD Edwards’ Approval Automation is the solution for you!

How it works

Every time a transaction is created within JD Edwards, an email is generated from within the system and directed to the appropriate approver or group of approvers. The email content will include a detailed description of the transaction (down to line item level and also in the form of an amalgamated group of line level requisitions, where appropriate).
Detail will include; (e.g. for a purchase order) supplier, item(s), order location, currency and price.

The approver can either accept or reject (in the case of a purchase order this can be at an individual line item level) from within the received email. The approver either approves or rejects by replying to the email. The reply email is then translated into a structured command that’s returned and recorded automatically within JD Edwards.


JD Edwards Integration

A generic approval engine that’s integrated with various JD Edwards processes to provide approval functionality via any remote device with an email client.
The software comes as an add-on to JD Edwards and has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. The solution works with all standard email protocols to facilitate remote approvals seamlessly i.e. without the need to sign in to JD Edwards.

Additional information

Apps from release: OneWorld Xe
Tools from release: N/A
Free trial (Y/N): N
OVI (Y/N): N




Available from release (Apps & Tools)

Apps: OneWorld Xe Tools:
Tools: Not relevant

Free Trial (Y/N)



1 - 5
Very good

Since Kinan launched the software add-on I didn’t login to JDE system for process pending orders anymore, I do it from my email.

Job Title
Acting VP HR & Corporate Services
Value for money score:
Easy to install score:
Customer Support score:
Likelihood to recommend score:
A big thank you

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with delivering the solution and getting it sorted, up and running. We like it very much here at Bibby. It’s much appreciated. Thanks again, Cathy Reece.

Job Title
BIBBY Distribution
Value for money score:
Easy to install score:
Customer Support score:
Likelihood to recommend score:
Refreshing change

Thank you all for helping to make this upgrade a huge success. I must say it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with your company and a refreshing change from encounters I’ve had in the past. I can’t fault your knowledge, good natures and approach and look forward to working with you in the future. All the best.

Job Title
Value for money score:
Easy to install score:
Customer Support score:
Likelihood to recommend score:

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