PrintQueue Management

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The challenge

In a typical EnterpriseOne environment users can run hundreds of EnterpriseOne reports daily. The output generated is stored in two locations:

  • In the WSJ (Work with Submitted Jobs) tables
  • In the PrintQueue folders on the enterprise servers

Typically, most the reports is not retained and usually they will be purged or deleted after a period of time. However due to legal requirements or company policy, some or many of these reports need to be retained for future reference. In this situation, the problem is that EnterpriseOne does not have standard tools to archive this kind of information. The standard purging processes available delete all reports indiscriminately based on the number of retention days specified in the standard purge process.


How it works

This JDE E1 add-on will allow you to implement a purge and archive policy for submitted jobs. It provides you with a purge/archive application, an archived document browser and a viewer application.

Archive and Purge sets are used to define and group which reports are archived and/or purged together. Each set can be managed and maintained separately. This allows you to define different archiving and purging policies for multiple predefined sets of reports/versions. The set can be scheduled for archiving/purging using the E1 Job Scheduler or a third-party scheduler (of which we have a few winners in our portfolio).

Furthermore, it is possible to configure per set, report, report/version level and even per user:

  • Archive and/or Purge
  • Number of retention days
  • Archive location


JD Edwards Integration

The software comes with its own viewer application which provides end-users access to the archived WSJ data. The viewer contains several search options which simplifies and speeds up the process of finding archived reports. Processing options can be configured to ensure that users are restricted to viewing their own archived reports or all reports in a specific archive location.


Additional information

Apps from release: 8.12
Tools from release: N/A
Free trial (Y/N): N
OVI (Y/N): N


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Review of PrintQueue Management
  • Manage your WSJ/PrintQueue growth
  • Performance improvement of ‘active’ WSJ records
  • Maintain a small working set of reports in WSJ
  • Archive and/or purge reports per version
  • Secured archive location for financial reports or other reports
  • Archive locations per Report/Version
  • Schedule the archive/purge job – Set it and Forget it!!
  • Archive your E1 documents (PDF, CSV, OSA) to separate (user-defined) locations
  • Create multiple archive/purge sets
  • Use multiple destination locations (i.e. to secure documents by functionality)
  • Schedule archive/purge sets separately
  • Define retention policy at report and/or version level
  • Search and View Archived Document s from within EnterpriseOne. (no third-party tool required)
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